Hello & Welcome!

My name is Christina, and I am the creator of Alvy Clothing.

I created this small business because I live for curation and I love high quality and comfortable clothing that makes me feel like a million bucks, head-turning accessories that have an interesting story, and an easy-breezy overall style that grounds me in comfort and confidence during my busy day.

My hope is that you will turn to ALVY for the stuff you'll want to live in -- clothing and accessories that will be favorites for YEARS -- and above all, to look fantastic. 

ALVY is a little different in that I encourage you to BUY LESS (and of better quality)! Read on to understand.

ALVY's focus is ethical production, fair trade based practices, and Made in the USA.

Many have not had the opportunity to hear what ethical and fair means exactly.

The "fast fashion" industry has been working hard to condition the customer to accept purchasing large quantities of low quality, low priced clothing items that can basically be considered disposable. The business model of the "fast fashion" giants is based on producing to sell very high volumes in order to make a profit on very small margins. This leads to not only terrible waste from over-producing, but terrible wages, working conditions, and treatment of the workers in places where there is little economic opportunity otherwise, under the cool name "free trade". The cycle from design to manufacture has shortened from a few times per year to 2-4 weeks in some places, and often with the discretion of the buyer to cancel and move around orders to the factories that promise to meet breakneck deadlines. This downward pressure often leads to VERY substandard working conditions and wages.

Please Google "Rana Plaza" for some disturbing truth.

Fair trade and ethical production means a comfortable and dignified life for workers.

Fair trade-based organizations work with transparency in the supply chain, and sometimes certification if it can be afforded.

Fair and ethical production and business relationships mean:

Employees are paid a fair, living wage.
The work environment is safe and comfortable.
There is no child labor allowed.
Working hours are capped.
Benefits, such as maternity leave and healthcare, are provided.
People are treated with dignity.

Artisan communities and cooperatives around the world provide a structure for those whose artistry and skill have been passed down through generations and culture. They give individuals a safe and dignified place to work, and pay that allows their families to thrive. Opportunities like this allow parents to work from home or in dignified workshops.

Fair trade puts pressure on the "fast fashion" structure.

Fair trade-based organizations (like non-profits and wholesale partners) work to bring these goods to a broader market like the United States. This often opens up the door for the good pay that the artisans otherwise would have a difficult time commanding in their local markets.

Fair trade retailers, like ALVY, provide you with the opportunity to experience the high-quality and artistry from around the world for the ages, and support a new way of caring for our fellow humans.

When not sourcing high quality ethical imports, Alvy sources from the American small business.

From our fellow American who is making a living on their passion and talent. Where your dollar isn't a drop in the shareholder's bucket. It's paying someone's mortgage and putting food on their table.

Buying ethically can cost a little more. But you are getting a higher quality product that can last for YEARS if a little care is taken. Your kids will want to wear it. This is the kind of quality that will be in the vintage shops in the future. Why buy a pile of "fast fashion" when you can get a few quality items that you'll want to put on repeat for years to come? It's time as consumers to get back to this; I am working towards that myself. And support our fellow humans across the world in the process.


Thanks for reading, and drop me a line anytime at hello @ shopalvy . com!


P.S. Check it out! I'm wearing the Galah charcoal & pink soft knit here from my collection.

P.S.S. Look good, feel good, and feel good about your purchase!

Thank you from Christina